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KTP has 45 years of unsurpassed track record in completing some of the largest building and infrastructure projects in Singapore and the region. Our engineering approach is holistic, all-rounded and fully integrates different disciplines to provide one complete solution:

Project Management-Construction

Project Management

Our value-added service lies in managing and interfacing of the deliverables from the entire team of technical professionals.


C&S Engineering

KTP’s delivery of civil and structural engineering services, in particular residential market in Singapore, is a testament to our long standing ability to identify with and realise our client’s strategic business vision.


M&E Engineering

KTP’s expertise in building services, in particularly electrical and mechanical engineering, has
enabled us to deliver cost-effective and innovative design solutions…


Established since 1969 by a prominent British civil engineer, KT Philcox & Associates swiftly grew in size and strength. In 1997, the company was rebranded to KTP Consultants Pte Ltd to reflect its status as an international and established name in the engineering industry. KTP offers multi-disciplinary engineering services and is a brand that is synonymous with innovation and creative solutions for the built environment.

In June 2015, KTP joined the Surbana Jurong (SJ) Group. Headquartered in Singapore and wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, SJ is one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms.


Leader in Built Environment

KTP has more than 45 years of unsurpassed innovative track records in Engineering and Project Management. Our holistic approach to a client’s build project is centred upon principles of service and efficiency. Our corporate beliefs are advanced upon a strong foundation of the main values of Experience, Expertise and Excellence. In recognition of our enterprising initiatives and professional leadership in the built environment, KTP was awarded both the BCA Built Environment Leadership Award and ACES Consulting Engineers Enterprise Award. We will continue to spread the Singapore Inc. spirit further with our unwavering commitment to be ‘In Step With You’ at the forefront of innovation by creating more optimal, cutting-edge and sustainable blueprints in the built environment across the region.

Local Knowledge With International Expertise

Throughout the years of active and evolving design exposure, KTP has gained substantial knowledge of the design and build industries in different parts of the world. Our reputation for tailored solutions that are innovative and cost effective has garnered a strong following in Singapore and the Asia Pacific.

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Our Markets


KTP strongly believes in creative and innovative solutions to meet the demands of public and civil infrastructures. We understand the scale of every little detailing that makes a big impact due to the magnitude of the investment in these projects of these nature. We deliver value proposition that considers the aspect of risk management such that it can withstand the test of time.


KTP recognises that despite the swift advances in the medical field, the disproportional rising demands on the healthcare sector has inevitably led to a considerable strain on the current health-care infrastructure. The alleviation of such infrastructural strain would require professionals with in-depth medical industrial knowledge and know-how. Fusing modern technology and energy efficient systems,

Why Join Us

KTP is a progressive and passionate organisation that aims to offer a fulfilling career path that enriches the personal experience and professional growth of our staff. Our human resource strategy is geared towards attracting, developing and retaining our talents that is key to our operational success. We are committed in our constant endeavour to create an intellectually stimulating environment that engages our staff, partners and clients. If you share our belief and passion in what we do, we would welcome you to join us on this path of growth.

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