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Recognising the importance of institutions as vital landmarks in a society, KTP seeks to deliver world class institutional facilities that meet rigorous international standards and provide the best value for public funds.

The users of educational institutions such as students, teachers, admin staff and the local community are viewed as indispensable components of any institutional engineering projects that KTP embarks upon. We use our proven experience in managing and interacting with key stakeholders and users to develop creative yet flexible design solutions that cater to all their needs. Our turnaround solutions are efficient, cost effective and most importantly, sustainable.


  • Bukit Panjang Sports Complex, Singapore
  • Indoor Sports Hall (Package 1B), Singapore
  • Interim Campus at ITE Dover Drive, Singapore
  • ITE Macpherson, Singapore
  • Monfort Junior School, Singapore
  • Nepal Hill, Singapore
  • New Tanglin Trust School Extension, Singapore
  • National University of Singapore (Admin Hall), Singapore
  • Residential Hall at NTU, Singapore
  • Tampines North Primary School, Singapore
  • Tanglin Trust School, Singapore
  • TERS for Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) University at Clementi Road, Singapore
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